"Growing" a little Girl into a Young Lady

On the subject of "growing" children, there are a lot of challenges facing parents today. We live in a photo-shopped World, nothing is as it seems. Body Image is a big issue, our girls are bombarded with magazine articles on diets plus how to get a guy, keep a guy and how to deal with the guy breaking up with you. If your girl plays sports, concussions are on the rise and a lot of parents are wondering what to do. How to navigate these waters…"sharks" are circling…it can be frightening.  You want your child to be open to meeting new people but, they still need protecting due to their lack of experience. What about bullies and mean girls? There have been many reports lately of young people killing themselves due to the actions of other kids their age, on Face Book and via Twitter. It's sad. 

Maybe I don't have the answer to all of those problems/questions, but we will discuss these topics and more in our upcoming Video.  The group of girls that I mentor suggested that we put one together and we are in the process of doing that now.  Watch this space!


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