Growing up the daughter of a D.I. (USMC); Karon is adaptable, organized and quick on her feet.  An Athlete herself (she held many Track & Field Records).   Sports are in her DNA! Whether she's interviewing Super-Agent Leigh Steinberg, HOFr Bobby Cox, TV Personality Leeza Gibbons, covering contract negotiations between ALPA and Delta, chatting with Falcons QB Matt Ryan, Dr. Bennet Omalu ("Concussion" Film subject) or Nicole Jeray (LPGA) ... she's ready!

Karon has had years of experience on both sides of the camera.  As a Multi-Platform Aviation, Sports & Medical Journalist, she's at ease with those in Management as well as Players and Healthcare Professionals. Ms. Cook is skilled at interviewing --- people just want to tell her things --- It's a gift.

"In Sports & Life, what I know for sure, it's about Loving People and their Stories" Karon Cook 


   Karon Cook
Multi-Platform Aviation, Sports Medical Journalist

Investigator … Storyteller

TV/Film Documentary